How do you break down barriers? One mouthful at a time!

Julia had a wonderful morning sharing information, experiences and advice with MS society members in Kendal at the weekend, telling them about Lake District Mobility.


(Julia with Sheila Greenwood of the MS Society)

Talks at the Information Event covered the role of diet, exercise and relaxation in managing MS symptoms, as well as dealing with fatigue. There was also an inspiring talk by Johanna Domke about her journey as a sculptor and a maker of public art, whilst living with MS.

Johanna-sculpture-in-concrete-in-field-jpeg (1).jpg

(Johanna Domke’s artwork:

The event, organized by the MS Society, was an empowering platform for those involved. Julia said, “listening to people’s stories and how they live and what they need, influences how we respond to those needs from how we communicate with people to what we offer”. It showed us how making even small changes in what you do can make the difference between someone taking your offer up or not.


We are particularly delighted that one of the attendees has decided to volunteer with us and we look forward to the benefit of their insight.

Big thanks to the MS society for organizing the event.

Julia Walker