• Annual Member lasts for 12 months and costs £10.00

  • Taster/ Temporary Member lasts for 2 weeks and costs £2.50

Members will be able to use all the sites where we run the scheme.

The hire site staff will help you sign up to become a member before you go on your adventures.

The Taster/ Temporary Membership is ideal if you are visiting the area or if you want to try a Tramper without committing to the Annual Membership. You can upgrade to become an Annual Member up to 8 weeks after you first joined the Lake District Mobility scheme.

Phil & Jake Biking with Lake District Mobility


- Anyone aged 14 and over who has a permanent or temporary limited mobility or difficulty in walking, can apply to become a Member.

- The safety of our Members and other visitors at our sites is very important to us and therefore there are some Terms and Conditions of use that apply to the scheme. Make sure you read through these Terms and Conditions before completing your Application Form at site to check you are eligible to join. Unfortunately, for safety and insurance reasons not everyone will be able to join the scheme.


1. Please Read Lake District Mobility’s Medical and Health Information and Terms and Conditions of Use, to make sure the scheme and equipment are suitable for you.

2. Contact your chosen site to book your hire slot (in advance and to avoid disappointment) – Your training will last approximately 15 minutes and is a short safety training course to ensure you are safe and happy with driving the Tramper and that you understand all the functions and controls.

3. Before you go to your chosen site, ensure you take the following documents:
- Photo ID (Photo driving licence, Blue Badge, bus pass, passport).
- Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, credit card bill, council tax bill)
- The appropriate pass fee: Temporary Membership £2.50, Annual Membership:  £10.00,  any cheques made payable to ‘Lake District Mobility’

4. Before your training, site staff will get you to complete and sign an application form in reception. You will keep a copy of this form to use as proof of being a Temporary Member when visiting other sites and a copy will be sent to us. If you have applied to become an Annual Member then we will send you your Annual Membership as soon as we can.

5. Under 18’s: If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must provide photo ID and accompany you for the Tramper Training and at each site visit.

6. Whinlatter: The sites where there is not good mobile signal like Whinlatter, you will not be allowed out by yourself and must be accompanied at all times, this is for safety reasons.

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You will also be able to use your Lake District Membership at all 47 Countryside Mobility sites, in the South West of England. They have a vast variety of National Trust locations, coastal paths, forests and beaches.

Pat Newlove signing up for her Lake District membership with Sonia at Whinlatter Forest.

Pat Newlove signing up for her Lake District membership with Sonia at Whinlatter Forest.

We could chat, laugh and compare experiences which brought back many happy memories of times spent in the forest with my children”, “the mobility scooter which was very comfortable and easy to operate, it gave me a great sense of stability and safety. The seat height enabled me not only to speak eye to eye with people and but also for me to enjoy the views. My independence was restored!
— Pat Newlove